Army Public School & College Bannu Jobs 2023

Army Public School & College (APS&C) in Bannu, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, is looking for new teachers and staff for 2023. They need people to teach chemistry, work in the computer lab, help with physical education, teach physics, and work as a librarian.You can apply if you have different levels of education like a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, or others like MSc, MEd, BEd, and MS.You can find all the details about these jobs in the newspaper called the Nation on October 3, 2023. It will tell you what qualifications you need and how to apply.

You have until October 5, 2023, to apply for these jobs. Just follow the instructions in the newspaper to apply online or in person.If you like teaching and meet the requirements, this is a good chance to work at Army Public School & College APS&C in Bannu. Don’t wait too long, apply before October 5th for a job in education.

Job Details:

  • Post Date: 03, October 2023
  • Sector: Govt JOBS
  • Newspaper: National JOBS
  • Education: bachelor, master,M.ed,B.ed,MS, BS
  • Location: Bannu,KPK, Pakistan
  • Organization: Army Public School & College APS&C
  • Industry: education Jobs
  • Job Type: Full time
  • Last Date: 05, October 2023

How to Apply

  1. Check the Qualifications:
  • Ensure you meet the qualifications for the specific position you’re interested in, which may require a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, or other relevant qualifications such as MSc, MEd, BEd, or MS.
  1. Find Job Details:
  • Look for the detailed job listings in the newspaper called “The Nation” on October 3, 2023. This newspaper will provide comprehensive information about the available positions, including qualifications and requirements.
  1. Act Quickly:
  • The application deadline is October 5, 2023, so make sure to act promptly.
  1. Follow Application Instructions:
  • Depending on the instructions provided in the newspaper, you can apply either online or in person. Ensure that you follow the specific application guidelines mentioned for each position.
  1. Express Your Interest:
  • If you have a passion for teaching and meet the necessary criteria, don’t hesitate to apply for a rewarding opportunity at Army Public School & College APS&C in Bannu. Seize this chance by submitting your application before the October 5th deadline to secure a job in the field of education.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join APS&C Bannu’s team as a teacher or staff member. Apply now and take a step toward a fulfilling career in education.

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